Extrasensory Potential of the Mind by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya PDF

By Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

This publication has introduced in-depth information at the myths and realities of the extrasensory perceptions, supramental skills and supernormal stories. the writer has completely attended to a number of elements of the cosmic evolution of realization within the human physique, non secular transmutation of hidden mind and activation of the extrasensory strength facilities just like the sahastrara chakra and the ajna chakra by means of other kinds of yoga sadhanas with adept advice. He has additionally mentioned - in addition to evidential examples - the probabilities of surprising arousal of supernatural colleges as a result intrinsic psychological developments and religious assimilation due to the fact that previous live(s), and using hypnotism and yoganidra in psychic therapeutic, realizing the complexities of human brain and awakening of latent abilities.

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This element converts the light waves (falling on the retina) into electrical signals. The latter transmit through the optical region of the neural networks and make visual perception possible. More significant is the finding that the consciousness of mind also plays a predominant role in this process. Vision and recognition of visual perception is not possible in its absence. One may sleep with open eyes but can’t see the things present before his eyes in this state because of the near total inactivity of the conscious mind at that time….

The trees and shrubs on the premises also had nothing hidden there. Many outsiders also came to hear this “divine voice” that was heard most loudly near the canal from where the sacred water was used to out flow during continuous abhiÌeka (ablution) of the Ïivalingam. After reading and hearing about the above kinds of mysterious sounds, Professor Smith of the Psychology Department of the Harvard University planned to investigate the scientific basis behind such experiences. In view of the bioelectrical nature of the human body and the presence of enormous variations of ions in it, he inferred that under some specific conditions, some electrically charged particles in the body might actively receive the radio waves of certain frequencies and thus make corresponding broadcasts (or distant sounds) audible.

Eirigo of Brazil is also known to have some gifted talents and acumen in treatment of patients by using vital energy and spiritual healing. Inscriptions on rocks found in Egypt also depict ‘doctors’ with one hand kept on the patient’s stomach and the other on his back. Egyptian scriptures also mention of psychic healing. It is also known about Saint Patrick that he had blessed vision upon a blind man just by touching the latter’s eyes with his palms. Saint Bernard is said to have miraculously cured ten blinds and a dozen physically handicapped persons in a single day with the help of his elevated spiritual power.

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