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By Blake Mobley

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The 1st module aiding the hot RAVENLOFT Boxed Set, ceremonial dinner of Goblyns contains: * a whole ninety six pages of gripping event set in the dead of night domain names of Ravenloft. * a different AD&D video game personality list sheet designed particularly for Ravenloft campaigns. * a useful addition to the AD&D Dungeon Master's reveal that comes with all of the most crucial details from the RAVENLOFT Boxed Set. * a whole colour poster by way of certainly one of TSR's most well-liked artists, Clyde Caldwell.

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Werewolf's Den As the last portcullis opens before you with a creak of turning gears, you begin to feel an awareness that something is watching you. The door on the last cell has been torn open by some great force. Several of its bars are bent and twisted, as if someone had taken a great hammer to them, and it dangles upon only one of its three hinges. Many deep, parallel gouges are carved into the wooden furniture, making it look as if someone had slashed it repeatedly with a very sharp knife.

AC 8 (leather); MV 12; hp 15; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (short sword); SA Nil; SD Nil; MR Nil; S M; ML 12; XP 120. Devon and Bakki (Jail Guards), 1st level fighters: AL NG; AC 8 (leather); MV 12; hp 9, 8; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (short sword); SA Nil; SD Nil; MR Nil; S M; ML 10; XP 35. When the PCs enter the cell area, the jailor will go to area 8 on the map to work the doors for them. The PCs will find Jaconos Hanabara, a loup-garou in half-human form, in the last cell (area 9). He intends to kill the ones sent to contain him and then seek escape.

The PCs can probably hire passage here, but the cost may well be beyond their means. 13. Upper Skald The streets in this section of town are all cobblestone affairs. The buildings here are larger and more artistic than those in the other areas of town. Clearly, this is a place for the wellto-do. Here and there, lawns and gardens accent the neighborhoods, and the scent of flowers dances lightly in the air. As you wander through this part of town, however, you notice that there are many more patrols than there are in other neighborhoods.

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