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By C. J. Cherryh

There has been a celebrity Gate in Azeroth marked by way of alien fires that Morgaine needs to seal. yet Morgaine and Vanye have introduced devastation to the peaceable land. For the hordes of Shiuan have been on their heels, decided to overcome a brand new land for themselves and to avenge their misplaced planet.

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That amazed him. Khemeis,they addressed him, which sounded like kheman:accompany… Companion,perhaps, for my lordhe was not, not where qhalwere honored. " they asked in all courtesy, but he could not answer, only understand. Morgaine spoke with them, and they with her; after a moment she looked across at him. "Dismount," she said in the qhalurtongue. " But that was surely for show and for courtesy; he dismounted as she ordered him, but he did not let down his guard or intend to leave her back unguarded.

He needed not explain: Changelingwas in her hand and she was coming, near to running. Sin lingered at the bottom of the steps, and tagged after them as they walked the commons toward the gathering knot of villagers. The sound of weeping reached them… and when Morgaine arrived the gathering gave way for her, all but a few: the elders Melzein and Melzeis, who stood trying to hold back their tears; and a young woman and a couple in middle years who knelt holding their dead. To and fro they rocked, keening and shaking their heads.

He wrapped his cloak about him and set his back against an aged tree. His sword he laid naked across his knees. Lastly he removed his helm, which was wrapped about with me white scarf of the ilin,and set it aside, shaking free his hair and enjoying the absence of that weight. The woods were quiet about them. The water rippled over stones; the leaves sighed; the horses moved quietly at tether, cropping the little grass that grew where the trees were not. The Shiua mare was stable-bred, with no sense of enemies, useless on watch; but Siptah was a sentinel as reliable as any man, war-trained and wary of strangers, and he trusted to the gray horse as to a comrade in his watch, which made all the world less lonely.

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