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By Andre Norton

ISBN-10: 0812507061

ISBN-13: 9780812507065

Novellas, "Exile," within which a disfigured witch struggles to regain her powers, and "Falcon Hope," during which not going allies test to maintain their peoples from extinction, are followed via "The Chronicler's Tale," by way of sequence author Andre Norton. Reprint.

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I don't… that is… I cannot read, lady. " The words jarred Nolar's memory back to her own painful confession to Ostbor so long before. "Ah," she said briskly, "then we are wasting your time keeping you here, Master Borderer. " Morfew looked up from his scroll. "Outside? Yes, of course he can, if he will. I'm sure, young man, that Wessell can tell you where help is most needed. " Derren was obviously relieved to be dismissed. "I shall come back later, to bring food to your aunt," he promised, as he gladly transferred his bundle of scrolls to Nolar.

Derren dismounted and called to the nearest old man. "Sir? Can you tell us where we should go? " The old man, gaunt and bald, peered at them, reminding Nolar for a painful instant of Ostbor himself. "Come in, come in," he invited. "You look as if you have traveled far. Come rest your beasts and water them. Yes, by all means—we do not yet understand why, but our well in the courtyard has suddenly commenced a much freer flow— colder, too. A result, we are sure, of the recent turmoil. " Despite his evident age, he moved nimbly and they had to hurry to keep pace as he preceded them through the gates into the great open courtyard.

I have seen both men and horses founder and be lost in mountain mudslides. " Shortly afterwards it was Nolar who first saw the pale blotch against the darker mud ahead of them to the right. She picked her way gingerly forward until she could distinguish the shape. One of the rarely seen snow cats of the high peaks had been washed down by the flood, its lithe body impaled by a sunbleached tree limb. The delicately mottled fur stirred in the chill twilight breeze. With a low growl of disgust, Derren moved beside Nolar.

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