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The Tiwanaku country used to be the political and cultural middle of historic Andean civilization for nearly seven-hundred years. Identity and Power is the results of ten years of study that has printed major new information. Janusek explores the origins, improvement, and cave in of this historical nation in the course of the lenses of social identities--gender, ethnicity, career, for example--and strength family members. He combines contemporary advancements in social thought with the archaeological checklist to create a desirable and theoretically trained exploration of the heritage of this significant civilization.

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Brumfiel 1994; Conrad and Demarest 1984; Fox 1987; Kirch 1984; Zuidema 1990). Thus, a hierarchical order may subsume, be grounded in, even celebrate a heterarchical social order. As power relations continually shift and as states rise and fall, social boundaries continue to form part of a society’s basic organizing principles. Identity and power are critical dimensions of social relations and cultural forms in complex societies, built into such constructed environments as the cities of Chicago, Rome, and Teotihuacan.

The micro-ayllus of alasaya were categorically higher in status, collectively associated with the macro-ayllu’s head and forming its “right side” (Bastien 1978, 1995; Rasnake 1988). The micro-ayllus of Majasaya comprised its “left side,” and in some societies, such as the Kaata of Charazani, they were its legs and feet (Bastien 1978). On the landscape, the micro-ayllus of the upper moiety generally occupied the northern areas of a region, while those of the lower moiety occupied areas to the south.

In any major city certain monuments, such as Rome’s Hut of Romulus or Chicago’s Water Tower, may remain by design, appropriated and refashioned in the present to serve as landmarks of a mytho-historical past and as symbols of a common identity and shared memory. Tiwanaku’s early Sunken Temple, I argue, became such a place (see Chapter 4). ” More than abstract cosmograms, past central cities were by design phenomenological, and phenomenal, experiences. Cities like Rome were meant to be experienced, beheld in awe by citizens, diplomats, and pilgrims alike.

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