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By Jack L. Chalker

ISBN-10: 034529369X

ISBN-13: 9780345293695

This is booklet one of many Epic Tetralogy, The 4 Lords of the Diamond.

Aliens are spying in the world from one of many 4 worlds that make up the Warden Diamond. however it is very unlikely to ship brokers to any of the 4 worlds due to distinctive microscopic symbionts that make it most unlikely for viewers to go away the Diamond.

Seeking a different resolution, all of the 4 worlds making up the Diamond is distributed somebody whose brain has been stripped of every thing and who's now managed by means of an agent of the Confederacy.

Lilith is the 1st planet to be visited. right here, Cal Tremon, stripped of his personal character, needs to triumph over fabulous odds and live on not just the exceptional perils of the international planet yet his personal controllers as well.

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Not only would the complete "me" get up from that table, but the same memory pattern would be impressed on other minds, other bodies—as many as needed until a "take" was achieved. I wondered what they'd be like, those four other versions of myself. Physically different, probably— the kind of offender they got here wasn't usually from one of the civilized worlds, where people had basically been standardized in the name of equality. No, these people would come from the frontier, from the traders, and miners and freebooters who existed at the edge of expansion, and who were necessary in an expanding culture, since a high degree of individuality, self-reliance, originality, and creativity was required in the dangerous situations in which they lived.

Realizing from the point at which he'd battered in the first door that they were dealing with some clever sort of robot, the security forces had assumed the worst and were ready for him with killer robots, human troops, even a small laser cannon. He stopped in the center of the grassy knoll and looked around, sizing up the situation but appearing cool and efficient. Then, suddenly, turning to look at the massive amounts of firepower trained on him, he grinned; the grin became a laugh, a laugh that rose in pitch until it became eerie, inhuman, maniacal, echoing back from the building's walls.

You know that when you go, you go forever—unless you succeed. Then you, and because of the soft imprints, your alter egos as well will continue to exist. Continue to live on. " The young man looked thoughtful. " he mused, only half aloud. Four Lords of the Diamond, pour enormously powerful, clever people to kill. Four keys to an enigma that could spell the end of humanity. Five problems, five puzzles. Krega didn't really have to offer a reward. The assignment was irresistible. The base ship was seven kilometers long.

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