Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Catch Trap PDF

By Marion Zimmer Bradley

ISBN-10: 0345290666

ISBN-13: 9780345290663

An impressive, colourful novel of the circus global of the Nineteen Forties and Nineteen Fifties, wealthy intimately, bursting with energy and emotion.Mario Santelli, a member of the well-known flying Santelli relatives, is a brilliant trapeze artist. Tommy Zane is his protege.As obviously and gracefully as they bounce throughout the air, the 2 flyers locate themselves falling in love. Mario and Tommy percentage candy stolen moments of ardour, however the genuine depth in their dating comes from their overall devotion to each other and to their art.As public figures in a conservative period, they can not display their love. yet they'll by no means surrender it.A significantly relocating story, a wealthy family members saga, a sensible and compassionate portrait of a unique love in a different global.

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The backswing, the shift to face the platform, the swing boosted across empty space, the split-second numbing terror of which he was never quite free at this point—if the trapeze had blown sidewise, even a little, in the wind—the heart-stopping relief of feeling it safe and squarely caught in their four hands, balanced, no ragged catch to make it slip to one side or the other. Palms gripping. Long roll of drums, or was it his heart pounding? His feet jolted on the platform and he heard the applause, his first, rolling up, surging, like the pounding of blood in his head.

The idea was ridiculous; for some unknown reason it made him feel a little sicker. But the long dark rigging truck, which had the words THE FLYING SANTELLIS emblazoned across the full length of the truck, and which the Santellis used as a dressing room before the performance, was dark and deserted. He even sought out their house trailer, something he had never ventured to do before, but it too was dark and there was no answer to his knock. They must have gone to have dinner in town, Tommy thought as he turned away into the shadows, his throat aching.

I can't go on in a girl's costume! " Little Ann put down her sandwich. " she protested. "They're just a lot of townie kids, civilians. " "Aunt Marge, Betsysaid her foot was all right. I—I justcan't ," Tommy said desperately. " "Now, you listen here, Tommy Zane—" Margot began, but Betsy interrupted. "Aw, let the boy be, Margot. I heard about it. A couple of children from his school, this afternoon, tormenting him and trying to beat him up. Children, they can be cruel—how well I know! My foot will be holding up well enough—" "Oh, Betsy, could you?

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