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By Ziya; Berkes, Niyazi (trans/ ed / intro) Gokalp

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Even if he did not, Nishida af³rmed if not glori³ed this pseudo-history, as well as both the centrality of the imperial system to Japanese culture and the moral status of the state; and he did so at a time when these highly ideological constructs were being marshalled propagandistically to pursue ends that Nishida seemed nervous about in his personal correspondence. In general, Nishida’s thought does not suf³ciently resolve the tension between his insistence that the state becomes a genuine state only when it possesses a universality or transcendence (of, among other things, “national egoism”) and his parochial championing of Japan’s highly particularized national polity and imperial system.

75 Based on this and other such statements, Arima Tatsuo contends that Nishida…abhorred conµict in any form whatsoever. 76 (Paradoxically, despite his overall disavowal of domestic conµict, Nishida accepted its international form: in his New Year’s lecture for the emperor in 1941, he explained, “For various peoples to enter this one world means that they enter one and the same environment. ”77) This tendency to obfuscate distinctions between is and ought and to downplay conµict prompts the meta-level question of how the metaphysical and religious dimensions so central to much of Kyoto school philosophy play out politically in terms of criticism of concrete actualities or advocacy of speci³c lines of praxis.

Europe Interprets Japan (Tenterden, Kent: Paul Norbury Publications, 1984), 202. ” 76 Arima Tatsuo, The Failure of Freedom: A Portrait of Modern Japanese Intellectuals (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1969), 12. 36 77 Cited after an unpublished translation by Yusa Michiko. 78 Arima, The Failure of Freedom, 13. ETHICAL PITFALLS IN IMPERIAL ZEN AND NISHIDA PHILOSOPHY The philosophical category of pure experience, with all its logical embellishments, was used to preach social resignation as a means of achieving individual enlightenment….

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Turkish Nationalism and Western Civilization: Selected Essays of Ziya Gokalp by Ziya; Berkes, Niyazi (trans/ ed / intro) Gokalp

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